Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Secure your Products with Quality 3D Hologram Labeling

Nowadays, it makes sense for a business owner to walk an extra mile to ensure a successful future for his company and products. If you think spending after product promotion and online campaigns will do the needful to boost sales, its time you do a rethinking. While you need to use innovative strategies to sell products and retain customers, it is equally important to take preventive steps to save your products from duplication. There are instances of several MNCs as well as mid-level companies that have lost billions to the ever growing racket of piracy. From medication to apparel, counterfeit product makers have spread to several sectors and their skill at replication has become only stronger over the years.

When counterfeit products that look similar to the products made by your company are released in market, it makes things tough for customers. They may be fooled into buying fake products that may make them feel deceived. They may switch to other manufacturers in future and your customer base may decline. Needless to say, as a business owner this can be a disaster for you. To safeguard your products from duplication racket, you can resort to hologram technology. Nowadays, a lot of businesses make use of this technology to thwart efforts of piracy rackets.

When the products made by your company are embossed with hologram seal, strip or labels, they become easily distinguishable by all. Even an old person without much exposure to technology can identify a hologram labeled product from a fake lookalike that lacks the labeling. Once hologram labels stickers are embossed on surface of product cartons, packs or containers they cannot be taken off without peeling the surface. This literally makes efforts at duplication futile. 

Another advantage you get from hologram print technology is they can be used with your present packaging style. Whether your products are sold in plastic, paper or cardboard based packs, hologram embossment can be done. You need not make any major modification to the way your business products are packed. These labels and stickers can be produced in various sizes and styles. Professional hologram print service agencies can customize the labels for your business so that they become inimitable. 

However, if you want to go one step forward and ensure total safety for your products, opt for 3D Hologram based labels and strips. This has caught up with manufacturers who do not want to lose revenue to piracy rackets at all. In 3D Hologram technology, a regular 2 dimensional label is printed and embossed on a product surface. However, the embossment is done with high tech laser ray that makes the label reflect multiple hues and generate an illusion of 3rd dimension. 

You need to find out suitable companies that offer latest hologram print enabled services for clients. You can find some such entities with the aid of social media platforms these days. When you approach a company for first time, ask for a few samples and references. Only after you are convinced of its capability and reliability, sign up for services.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Learn how Your Business Prospects can improve with Aid of Holographic Solutions

As a business owner, it becomes a priority for you to do the needful to improve revenue and prospect of business. You may think of innovative product campaigns and online promotions but it is also necessary to take preventive measures to thwart unseen rivals that can hamper your company’s progress. Apart from numerous rivals in industry and those in the formation, you need to be aware about the danger of counterfeit industry. There are several thousand entities that lose billions of revenue every year owing to the menace of fake product makers. Before these rackets of evil replicators target your company products, you need to take preventive steps.

If you think that you can thwart attempts of replication of these rackets just by altering product packaging and brand revamp, you are grossly mistaken. They have become smart and capable enough to replicate everything from logo and packaging of your company products with remarkable accuracy. Their skills at duplication can prove to be unprofitable for both you and your target customers. It will become hard for them to identify which are the fake products in market. However, there is way you can beat the fake product makers and save your brand products from being copied. Holographic Solution providers can prove to be of use in this context.

No matter how advanced fake product makers have become, they will not be able to copy hologram based stickers and labels. This will save your company products and customers can be relieved as well. There are many types of hologram based stickers and you can choose a variant that suits your budget and needs. Apart from general hologram stickers, you can opt for 3D hologram based labels and foils that look great on product surface and make duplication even more difficult. When these labels are placed under a light source, they emit multiple colors that help buyers identify original products easily. 

You can get your products packaging hologram embossed whether they are wrapped in paper, cardboard plastic or something else. Even aluminium foils can be hologram embossed without hardship. It would be wrong to think that by incorporating hologram embossment, you may exceed production costs. Professional Holographic Solutions providers can offer mass product labelling and embossment within your budget. They also have state of the art machinery and devices to compel labelling of huge amount of products within short time. Hence, your production and workflow will not get hampered or delayed for hologram embossment. 

It is absolutely important that you get in touch with a veteran and reliable agency for holographic printing services. You can look for such companies online and make use of popular social networking platforms as well. You may be able to find resources and deals on their offerings in such sites with a little effort. You should compare the package and quotes of the available contenders so that you can zero in on the right Holographic Solutions. Do not forget to review the feed backs of existing clients of an agency prior to hiring.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why you should Opt for Stickers India for Holographic Printing Needs

Nowadays, you just cannot count on product quality and marketing to stay ahead of competitors and make your business leap ahead. Apart from competitors who make sell similar products at competitive costs, you have another menace to think of. Worldwide, thousands of companies, belonging to various industries lose money to the monstrous activities of underground piracy networks. This can happen to your company, if you are not careful enough. Without adequate preventive measures, you may lose revenue and customers may develop negative opinion about your business products. 

While new packaging or rebranding of products may aid against piracy, you may not be totally safe with such measures. There are several instances when buyers fail to distinguish genuine products from fake ones that look exactly the same. Counterfeit product makers have become capable enough to copy product labels, logos and prints. However, when hologram strips are used, their efforts at replication take a backseat. To thwart efforts of counterfeit product makers, hologram sticker, labels and strips can be your ideal option. While conventional product packaging can be replicated by piracy rackets, copying holographic labels and prints is not their forte. Customers can easily identify hologram based products. 

Once hologram labels are embossed on surfaces like paper or cardboard, they cannot be taken off without tempering the surface. The nice thing is that you need not make any alteration to your existing product packaging to make room for hologram based labels and stickers. With advancements in hologram printing technology, these strips and labels can be easily embossed on a myriad of surfaces including metals like aluminium. Hence, hologram embossment can be used in a number of industries including telecom, healthcare, FMCG, apparel, toy and many others.

If you are worried about manufacturing cost going over limit when you use hologram embossment, you can relax! With present generation hologram printing technology, mass embossment of products has become quite affordable. Professional companies that offer hologram foil and sticker printing can offer you their services at pocket friendly prices. They do not take much time to perform the hologram printing either. Hence, your workflow and production process will not be affected when you opt for their services. If you have not use services of these entities, you may hire a company for a limited period. 

However, it is quite prudent that you find out a professional and reliable company that can cater to your business needs for hologram printing. There are many entities that offer such services nowadays but you need to hire one that offers you quality hologram print services within your budget. You can opt for services of holographic Stickers India manufacturers. It is necessary to see whether the company is able to customize its offerings for your needs. Professional holographic Stickers India manufacturers offer quality 2d and 3D hologram labelling for their customers. You can ask such entities for sample of their work and compare their rates. This will help you understand their professionalism and capability. Their client feedbacks can also help you in selection.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Learn why Holographic Aluminium foil can be Beneficial for Your Business

There is no shortage of options to woo your target customers and retain existing ones. You can think of launching promotional offers for specific products. It may also be a good idea to optimize your website content to reach out to maximum possible customers through the web. However, it is essential that you take care of aspects that are integral to the rise and fall of your company.  If you do not take adequate preventive steps to stop efforts of piracy rackets, you may find your business running into losses. As a matter of fact, numerous companies from sectors like telecom, FMCG, medication and apparel incur huge losses because of the counterfeit industry.

The racket of counterfeit product makers is spread in almost all parts of the world. You may not even know when they replicate exact look-alike of the products sold by your company. It not only affects your company revenue but makes the customers biased and confused. They may not be able to find the difference between your products and fake counterparts easily. To combat the efforts of the underground counterfeit product makers, you can resort to hologram labeling for your products. A lot of companies resort to this measure as an effective anti piracy mechanism. 

Hologram prints can be used on several types of surfaces including metal and paper. In fact, aluminum strips can also be hologram embossed. This explains why companies in healthcare and telecom sector resort to Holographic Aluminium foil usage to safeguard their products. In fact, quality holographic foil paper is used in various government and private sector companies. When hologram seals and labels are embossed on products, they become easier to distinguish among plenty of products that look similar otherwise. This makes things simper for both you and buyers.

When you look at Holographic Aluminium foil or stickers they appear bright silver. However, as you hold them under light sources or sun, the foils and labels reflect different colors. This is achieved through the technological marvel of hologram printing. This is near impossible to copy properly and hence holographic foil paper can save your products from chances of duplication. In fact, professional hologram print service providers also offer 3D hologram technology. With the aid of this technology, your products can be labeled with hologram strips that create an impression of depth to viewers. Nowadays, hologram print agencies can emboss a huge amount of products with stickers and strips in short span of time.

Professional hologram print agencies can customize labels and stickers to suit need of clients. You can approach such companies that operate in your region and evaluate their experience and expertise. A sit is, veteran companies that offer hologram print services, do not hesitate to show samples of their work to prospective clients. Apart from that, you can read reviews of their older clients to know about their credibility. If you have any query about estimated cost or required changes in production, it would be good to resolve the issues before you sign up. 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Things to Look for when you Sign up with Professional Hologram Manufacturers

Nowadays, government entities as well as thousands of private organizations, companies and NGOs resort to hologram printing to safeguard their products from duplication. You can easily find hologram seals on various products like optical media, identity cards, medication foil, garment packaging and many others. This technology helps companies to stave off the threat of piracy and revenue loss. The counterfeit industry has become advanced enough to copy product packaging, design, logo and most of the aspects very accurately. Their skill at duplication makes things hard for average consumers. However, their evil practices can be effectively thwarted by hologram embossed products.

Hologram stickers are easy to identify and they are very hard to replicate. These stickers and labels are bright silver but when you view them from various angles, you can see reflection of multiple colors on surface of the stickers. Hologram manufacturers can also include client company name and graphics inside the foil and stickers to make their products distinct. However, before you sign up with a hologram printing service agency in your region, it is essential that you assess its track record, reliability as capability. 

There are plenty of Hologram manufacturers that operate in your region and you can use the internet to find out and contact these agencies. Their websites should be enough for your verification and assessment needs. After you come across a number of these companies, compare their quotes and package types online. This will help your selection. However, do not forget to look in some popular social media platforms to find these companies and resources on their packages. Nowadays, nearly all entities use these platforms for product promotion. 

It is important to see the technology and apparatus used by a hologram printing agency before you hire it for business needs. Nowadays, the agencies use advanced optics and laser printing techniques to get client product embossed. They make use of technologies like 2D and 3D hologram printing. While in most cases, hologram printing is done rectangular shape, it is not impossible to get hologram stickers in other geometric shapes. 

You need to enquire whether the company has expertise to print hologram labels on product packaging that you use. Usually, hologram can be embossed on myriads of surfaces without any hassle. Owing to advanced printing mechanism and devices, hologram service providers can emboss thousands of products in short time. You need to ensure whether the agency has the infrastructure to cater to your production flow and needs.
To get an idea about expertise of an agency you want to hire for quality hologram embossing, ask for free samples. Professional entities usually offer sample to prospective clients without hiccups. It is also important that you get your facts on overall expense clear before you sign up for services of the agency. If you are hiring such a company for very first time, it would be practical that you place order for a specified amount of products. If you are satisfied with its work, you can always renew contract and place further orders

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hologram Ink Manufacturer and Printer Agencies Save Businesses from Fake Product Makers

To make sure your company’s sales target is met and it does not suffer from revenue loss, a number of measures may need to be taken. While you may spend a lot of advertisements, product promotion ad online marketing plans, it is also necessary to block the loopholes that remain invisible apparently. One such factor is the threat of fake product makers. From Asia to Europe, counterfeit product makers loom large and they eat into profits of several mid to large sized companies. You do not only run the risk of revenue loss owing to their malpractices. A section of your customers may turn against the company if they feel cheated after using fake and cheap products that resemble authentic ones. 

Ink Manufacturer
The best way to stop the attempts at piracy, you can turn to services of hologram printing agencies. There are companies that offer wide range of holographic printing packages for clients belonging to different sects such as textile, IT, healthcare, FMCG and retail among others. They can emboss hologram based stamps and labels on products sold by your company. This will help buyers distinguish authentic products from fake and similar looking ones in both domestic and overseas markets. 

Professional hologram printing service providers use advanced Inks and apparatus for embossment and labeling on various surfaces, Whether your products are sold in paper packaging or plastic containers, getting them hologram embossed will not be complicated. In fact, UV Curable Holographic Inks are used to imprint company logo, name and design patterns on aluminum foil as well. The holographic ink manufacturer and printing agencies can offer a fair amount of customization for embossment of client products. You can get company logo embossed through this technique in different shapes and dimensions. 

When your products get hologram imprinted, they cannot be duplicated easily. The holographic ink manufacturers use UV ink printing techniques to help products stand out distinctly among lookalikes. Initially, the hologram labels appear bright silver colored. However, when placed under lights they reflect rainbow colors. When you hold the seals under UV light, you can read text or designs that cannot be seen with naked eyes. With time, technology used to create hologram sticker and strips has become more advanced. The agencies that offer holographic labeling can cater to mass embossing needs of their clients. 

Before you sign up with holographic service providers for your business, ensure they are reliable and have enough expertise to meet your requirements well. You can ask the company to show you a few sample of its work and this will help you take a decision. In fact, it is easy to find resources on these agencies and deals on their packages in top social networking sites these days. You should talk things out with the agency before you hire it to ensure everything goes smoothly in long run. When you hire a company, you can assign a small amount of products to check the quality of work. Later, you can assign it more work if the quality is up to your needs.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Learn Advantages of Quality 3D Hologram for Securing your Company Products

While you may do a number of things to promote your company products and retain customers, there exist some factors that can hinder prosperity and growth of your business, albeit silently. A number of business owners find it hard to analyze why the revenue is not being met despite best efforts given to aspects like advertising, campaign, online activities and others. The prominent reason behind the lack of revenue and growth of your entity could be piracy. No matter what industry it is, the evil racket or counterfeit product makers operate all over the world. It is important that you resort to suitable preventive measures to thwart efforts of fake product makers.

You may try changing company logo, graphics and type of packaging to stall efforts of faking but the counterfeit industry has become smart enough to replicate nearly any design and packaging nowadays. Their skill at duplication of genuine products at every level of manufacturing has reached high levels. There is no need to lose heart though! You can always keep your products safeguarded from duplication by using quality hologram stickers and strips. This is what thousands of companies use to eliminate chances of piracy. 

Before you look for hologram label and printing service providers for your company products, it is important that you know basics about the technology and its benefits. When a product is sold with hologram sticker or label embossed, it becomes instantly identifiable by all. The buyers can find out the real product from similar looking counterfeit ones without hassle. This ensures that you do not lose out on revenue. 

There are some obvious advantages of using quality hologram based labels and stickers. When these stickers are embossed on a product, it is impossible to take it off without scratching the surface. This makes your products tampering roof to an extent. Hologram seals have a silver color exterior. However, when they are seen from various angles, viewers can see reflection of hues like green, blue and red. You can go one step ahead and opt for 3D Hologram labels. These are printed with advanced devices and ink. When the lights reflect on surfaces of 3D Hologram labels, viewers get an illusion of depth apart from reflected hues. The products embossed with such holographic labels become difficult to replicate. 

While usage of 3D or 2D hologram labels can safeguard your business products from menace of counterfeit industry, it is necessary that you hire a suitable agency for the task. With a little effort and online search, you will find a lot of regional hologram printing service providers. Compare their packages and quotes carefully. It is important to see the tenure of such an agency in industry. Professional hologram label makers can modify hologram labels, strips or stickers as per client requirements. You can get such labels embossed on a variety of materials including plastic and paper. To resolve queries on overall cost, printing duration and other aspects you can discuss with an agency before signing up for its hologram packages.